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    Electric bass, pedals, loopers, effects, electronic drums, acoustic drums, synths, keyboards, flutes, old radios, voices, mobiles, noise boxes, fender rhodes, piano, many cables, micros ... What ChAnzO does It's working with a new palette of risky and informative elements, letting the music find its own way. And music, it always finds its way ...

    Alex Salgueiro

    Max Gomez

    Xacobe Martínez Antelo



    Upcoming events

    Sunday 13:00H Jul 08

    Sesión Vermú coa colaboración especial de NOVE NOEL, muralista e graffiteiro.

    Chanzo son:

    Alex Salgueiro, teclados.

    Max Gómez, percusións.

    XMA, baixo e efectos.

    A Coruña, La Coruña Playa Club Coruña